Opposition to geoengineering schemes grows – conservation links for Oct 22. 2010

At UN Convention, Groups Push For Geoengineering Moratorium Scientific American
Delegates from 193 nations are meeting in Nagoya, Japan, this week. On their agenda is a proposal for a moratorium on field experiments in potential geoengineering solutions for global warming.

Green: Putting a Value on Biodiversity New York Times
A new report finds that forests, reefs and oceans account for 47 to 89 percent of the effective income of rural and poor households in many large developing countries.

Pavan Sukhdev’s foreword to The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity report The Guardian
Foreword to The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB) report written by economist Pavan Sukhdev

Summit must tackle impacts of food production The Guardian
Nagoya delegates need to plan how the world achieves food security, before ecosystems reach critical tipping points.

Scientist at Work: The Inventory Begins, With Birds, Rain and More Rain New York Times
An inventory of a vast swath of Peruvian forest begins with rain, and more rain.

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