The middle road to address deforestation in Indonesia – conservation links for Oct 28, 2010

A Middle Way The Jakarta Globe
As much as big business is a threat to forests, it is also a likely source of lasting solutions. Governments generally have been ineffective in reducing deforestation, even inside many protected areas. Non-governmental organizations are largely powerless to act at the scales necessary, although they can influence public opinion. Small businesses such as local farmers are numerous, but lack power and coordination. Vast areas of tropical forest are legally under the control of large companies. Improving ways these companies manage forest landscapes could have a significant impact on deforestation.

Madagascar Villager to Put $10K Prize to Saving Forest OneWorld US
A self-educated naturalist from Madagascar has been awarded a prestigious international prize after spending almost all the money he’s ever earned to purchase and protect endangered tropical forest.

Lessons from the palm oil showdown The Guardian
Study on Greenpeace’s campaign against Sinar Mas highlights importance of social media and engagement with parties on both sides of the fence.

Brazil elections: Campaigners criticise weak environment pledges of presidential candidates The Guardian
None of the candidates has concrete proposals to tackle Amazon deforestation and carbon emissions.

Biodiversity loss seen as greater financial risk than terrorism, says UN The Guardian
Loss of ecosystems perceived by banks and insurance companies to be a greater economic risk than terrorism, finds UN report.

British Columbia Sees Largest Salmon Run In A Century, 34 Million Strong Environmental News Network
Sockeye salmon are making their run up the Fraser River in numbers not seen since 1913. More than 34 million salmon are reportedly in the British Columbia river system, befuddling scientists who last year tallied less than 2 million fish.

World Bank launches scheme to green government accounts Reuters
The World Bank on Thursday launched a program to help nations put a value on nature just like GDP in a bid to stop the destruction of forests, wetlands and reefs that underpin businesses and economies.

Energizer Plans More Talks in China on Vanadium Mine Bloomberg
Energizer Resources Inc., the Canadian mineral-exploration company, will hold a second round of talks with a Chinese company about becoming a strategic partner in a vanadium project in Madagascar. Energizer expects to announce “in coming weeks” that its Green Giant project in the south of the Indian Ocean island has estimated resources of as much as 60 million metric tons of vanadium pentoxide, Brent Nykoliation, vice president of business development at the Toronto-based company, said in a phone interview on Oct. 26.

Author: Mongabay

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