Bloomberg: most people don’t care about climate change – conservation links for Nov 5, 2010

Bloomberg on Climate Change: “Most People Unfortunately Don’t Care” Time
New York Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg was the belle of the ball this morning at a international climate change conference here in Hong Kong. He was here as the new chair of the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group, a group of 40 cities worldwide committed to tackling climate change.

Climate finance report will reveal those willing to scupper Cancun summit Business Green
One of the many challenges faced by the long-running UN climate change negotiations is the difficulty of working out precisely where countries stand.

‘Sustainable wood’ may still cause damage The Guardian
Lisa Kellman of the Environmental Sciences Research Center at St. Francis Xavier University, Canada, and her team have been investigating the impact that forest harvesting has on the underlying soil. It seems that the damage goes deeper than previously thought and lasts for much longer than traditionally assumed.

Biodiversity should be a top priority for businesses The Guardian
Business can be a significant driver of biodiversity conservation but it must have a seat at the table and be allowed to have a constructive role in designing and implementing sustainable policy solutions with governments.

Vulnerable atoll nation plans seawall to block rising seas Independent
The low-lying Marshall Islands, a Pacific atoll chain that rises barely a meter above sea level, has announced plans for a wall to hold back rising sea levels.

Need to boost harvests? Slow down wildlife extinction Telegraph
Disappearing wildlife is threatening the world’s food supplies. At first blush that does not sound right.

The Real Threat to Science in the New Political Climate DotEarth – NY Times
This election almost guarantees an end to the brief stimulus-driven period of increased investment in advancing energy technologies that could supplant finite fossil fuels

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