Penguins and people alike enjoy the sunset at Whipsnade Zoo

By Brandon Allen

Photo courtesy of ZSL Whipsnade Zoo.

The black-footed penguins at the Whipsnade Zoo have a truly enviable spot; perched at the top of the Chiltern Hills, they enjoy a mesmerizing sunset every evening.  This view is not unlike the stunning sunsets that black-footed penguins experience along the rocky shores of South Africa and Namibia, their natural habitat.

Visitors were able to join the penguins in enjoying the sunset Saturday, June 29th at Whipsnade Zoo’s Big Night Out.  This yearly event allows guests to visit the zoo after hours and attend featured programs such as special zookeeper demonstrations, carnival bands, and Zulu drummers.

Black-footed penguins live in large groups and spend their days fishing for krill, squid, and anchovies.  Unfortunately, overfishing, oil spills, and predation have taken a toll on their ability to survive and the IUCN Red List considers the species Endangered.

Author: mongabay

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