Extinct species reappear – conservation links for Sept 29, 2010

Deforestation Enriches a Few While Millions Pay the Price Jakarta Post
Indonesia has one of the highest rates of deforestation in the world, and the loss of government revenue associated with illegal deforestation has been estimated at $100 million in East Kalimantan alone.

Corruption and deforestation fuel horrific trade in African primates The Ecologist
In a remarkable and harrowing dispatch from Guinea-Bissau, Dawn Starin reveals how growing demand for bush-meat is emptying the country’s forests of some of its most enigmatic monkey species, and meets those profiting from the devastating trade. (subscription)

This seal was declared extinct in 1892. So what is it doing alive and well today? The Guardian
The Guadalupe fur seal was feared extinct, gone the way of the dodo after being slaughtered by Russian and American hunters for their skins. None could be found at breeding grounds and as sightings elsewhere tailed off the species was consigned to history. So why are there thousands of Guadalupe fur seals swimming off the coast of Mexico now?

Malaysia passes wildlife protection law United Press International
A Malaysian law intended to deal with animal traffickers and poachers may be too late to save some of the country’s endangered species, wildlife activists say.

Author: Mongabay

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