U.S. tax credits for rainforest conservation abroad? – conservation links for Sept 30, 2010

Obama: We may need to solve climate change in ‘chunks’ Grist
One of the brightest possibilities is permanent tax credits for carbon sequestration through the protection and restoration of forests and wetlands and shifts to sustainable agriculture. These tax credits can pay enormous dividends at low cost: by helping reduce tropical deforestation, they’ll cut the source of 15 of global carbon pollution, more than all the cars, trucks, ships, and planes in the world combined. Restoring forests — the lungs of the Earth — can suck additional carbon pollution out of the air.

Native folk protest against Baram Dam in Borneo
Native folk in ulu Baram in northern Sarawak want the proposed Baram Dam to be scrapped as Sarawak was already acquiring the Bakun Dam.

Logging goes on unabated in Sierra Madre, says tribe chief Inquirer
A tribal leader in Sierra Madre in northern Quezon warned that more disasters were bound to happen if rampant illegal logging in the country’s last forest frontier was not stopped.

Trying to Lace Together a Consensus on Biodiversity Across a Global Landscape New York Times
Logging in Brazil’s rain forest in 2008. The earth’s biological diversity is steadily eroding as ecosystems suffer and species die out.

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