REDD talks fail – conservation links for Oct 11, 2010

REDD+ Partners Scrap Nagoya Plans, Set Sights on Cancun Ecosystem Marketplace
Initially perceived as being one of the few bright spots in an otherwise dismal year for climate-change negotiations, the REDD+ Partnership has now canceled a key meeting set to take place on the sidelines of upcoming biodiversity talks in Nagoya, Japan. REDD+ Partnership co-chair Junya Nakano delivered the news at a Partnership meeting slated for discussing stakeholder participation.

The Week in Biodiversity: Tianjin Leaves Little Hope for Nagoya Talks Ecosystem Marketplace
Climate-change talks in Tianjin ended on a down note, with the REDD+ Partnership in disarray and funding for forests — as well as biodiversity — in the balance. Now attention shifts to Nagoya, Japan, where parties to the UN’s Convention on Biological Diversity had hoped to capitalize on momentum from Nagoya.

The Week in Voluntary Carbon: Can it Get Any Worse? Ecosystem Marketplace
The fall carbon conference season is in full swing as Ecosystem Marketplace busily reports from the front lines. Following a meager turnout at last week’s Carbon TradeEx America conference in Chicago, market participants are wondering what’s in store for upcoming events – and for the voluntary carbon market as it rounds the fourth quarter.

Back Biodiversity 100, save our wildlife The Guardian
In less than a month, unless we can rouse sufficient public indignation to avert it, a widespread suspicion that humanity is incapable of looking after this planet will be confirmed. The world’s governments will meet at Nagoya in Japan to discuss the catastrophic decline of life on the planet. The outcome is expected to be as tragic and as impotent as the collapse of last year’s climate talks in Copenhagen.

Indonesia probes illegal logging role in Papua floods Reuters
Indonesian officials and forestry experts are to investigate claims that illegal logging contributed to floods that have killed at least 145 people, the Forestry Ministry said on Monday.

APP Promises Conservation: Don’t Hold Your Breath RAN
Sinar Mas Group’s Asia Pulp and Paper (APP), Indonesia’s largest and most controversial logger, made another promise this week. APP announced that one of the rainforest logging and conversion permits it controls (located in the globally significant peatland forests of the Sumatra’s Kampar Peninsula) will be re-licensed as a carbon conservation project. However, given the lack local community or government involvement, the fact that the Industrial Timber Plantation license has yet to be reclassified as restoration or protected forest by government, and given the long timelines and lack of details associated with the deal, it remains to be seen if this is just another empty promise and public relations ploy by APP.

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