Business revolution key to saving the planet – conservation links for Oct. 19, 2010

Save the Rain Forest…Voluntarily The Wall Street Journal
BARIO, Malaysia—Until recently, this town was one of the most isolated places in Asia. Then developers cut the first muddy road to Bario last year. What happens next here and in other communities like it in Borneo will help determine whether the island’s dwindling rain forest can be saved—and whether a new approach to managing forests world-wide can succeed. Bario is in an area officially designated the Heart of Borneo, a new kind of conservation zone launched in 2007 to help protect the island’s forest, one of the largest after the Amazon jungle.

Talking revolution The Guardian
Jeff Swartz, CEO of Timberland wrote recently in the Harvard Business Review, ‘You can tell a lot about how your day is going to unfold by the number of e-mails that are waiting for you … On June 1, 2009, they kept coming, and coming, and coming.’ The emails flooding Jeff Swartz’s inbox were coming in response to a newly released Greenpeace report about deforestation in the Amazon. The gist of the report was that (a) Brazilian cattle farmers are illegally clear-cutting Amazon rainforests to create pastures, and (b) the leather from their cows might be winding up in shoes – including Timberland’s.

It’s time to recognise the important role livestock play in tackling poverty The Guardian
The contribution of livestock to the rural economy remains under-appreciated by all players in development, except farmers. It’s time for that to change.

Zoos urged to educate more to slow extinctions Reuters
Zoos and aquariums should do more to educate visitors about ways to slow extinctions and build on successes in breeding rare species from monkeys to toads, the head of the world’s zookeepers said on Monday.

Green campaigners await spending review with trepidation The Guardian
Uncomfortably deep cuts in environment spending show green issues have become less central to the Tories.

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