Activism: petition against oil exploration near award-winning marine reserve

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Leather back sea turtles are one of four marine turtle species in the Seaflower MPA. Photo by: Tiffany Roufs.

The Providence Foundation has created a petition against oil exploration near, and perhaps even inside, Seaflower Marine Protected Area in the Colombian Caribbean. The park recently won top honors at the Convention on Biological Diversity in Japan for its combination of protection and sustainable livelihoods for local people.

“Confirmation by the National Agency of Hydrocarbons of the oil prospection in the North Cays […] constitutes an atrocity that will be committed against nature, the native population of the islands and the entire world. The Archipelago is a Patrimony of Humanity, recognized by UNESCO since 2000,” June Marie Mow, Executive Director of the local organization Providence Foundation, told, referring to proposed oil prospecting as “environmental and social aggression”.

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