Activism: dams on the Mekong River

Note: does not endorse the action below, but believes its readers may be interested in taking action or discussing the issue in comments.

Fishing on the Mekong. Photo by: Rhett A. Butler.

A coalition of NGOs, lacademics, journalists, artists and local people have started a petition against a series of dams planned by Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand. According to the organization, the massive dams will upend the river’s biodiversity and undercut the livelihoods of local people.

According to the organization: “The Mekong River is under threat. The governments of Cambodia, Laos and Thailand are considering plans to build 11 big hydropower dams on the river’s mainstream. If built, these dams would block major fish migrations and dramatically change the Mekong forever, placing at risk the food security and income of millions of people.”

Save the Mekong ‘s petition: Save the Mekong: Our River Feeds Millions.

Author: jlhance

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