Trailer: When Two World’s Collide (video)

When Two Worlds Collide (trailer) from Yachaywasi Films on Vimeo.

The film follows the struggle of indigenous people to save their Amazonian home from the Peruvian government and industrial corporations, especially focusing on the role of Alberto Pizango, hero and leader to indigenous people, who was arrested last year in Peru for sedition and rebellion.

According to the film’s website: “The hazardous journey of an Amazonian leader confronting rules of the globalization game created by developed countries in order to protect corporate interests. With the rainforest in jeopardy, this apocalyptic story presents two colliding visions that shape the climate future of our world.”

For more information see the film’s website: When Two World’s Collide

The film is currently listed as ‘in production’.

Author: jlhance

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